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"The most important factor that needs to be satisfied when designing the interior is respect of personal priorities of the owner, harmonizing wishes with needs and financial capabilities, and leaving the possibility of "growth" and change of the space with the growth of the family and changes of living condition.

The quality of life is not achieved by copying design solution from magazines or buying a signed piece of furniture...Real life is something else, more and more... Quality of life is achieved by bringing personality in your own space!"

Gordana Đerić,dipl.ing.arh


Nauportus is oriented on people who have the need for original design solutions for their home, people who know what they want but don't have the time, nerves or "talent" for visiting shops and showrooms, choosing in times of increasing offers, people who do not want to bother with repairmen, people who just want to deal with their own profession, and leave interior design to those whose profession it is.


Nauportus follows the best practices and "rules and steps of the profession" that need to be followed in interior design - from the initial idea and preliminary design to final inspection of the project.

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